About us|北京漢唐信業國際貿易有限公司

Beijing Han Tang Industrial International Trading Co., Ltd., HTI for short.

HTI is one of successful instruments & equipments suppliers in China. The company name Han Tang is derived from “Han” Dynasty and “Tang” Dynasty and both dynasties are well-known powerful and prosperous dynasties in Chinese ancient history.

As the word “industrial”, we import and develop advanced instruments and equipments for Chinese industrial markets. As our full name, HTI`s ideal is to be more powerful and prosperous with our customers. Besides that, another important concept is welcoming the development of common progress with our principals from the world.


Our history:

In 2000, the founder of HTI has begun his first instruments sales and service work in coating field for providing customer testing instruments using in labs, e.g. UV & Xenon weatherometer from USA.


In 2002, participating in the biggest single order of a paint production line for one of the biggest local paint manufacturer in China. All these equipments were from Spain and USA.


In 2004, successful in developing the North China market. Several eye-catching projects were finished in perfect in succession including two big lab-pilot printing facilities introduced from UK for institute of Bank of China.


In 2005, set up cooperation relationship with Sinopec & CNPC who are two biggest state-owned petrol and chemical groups in China. After that, their subsidiaries and institutes begin to get in touch with our principals from Europe and North American including Taber, Q-Lab, BYK, Anseros etc.


In 2009, participating in the first order of Q-Sun Xenon Weatherometer to China Volkswagen. In 2010, Mercedes-Benz China purchased their first tensiometer after our demo. show. Later on, that causes the attention from BMW Shenyang. In 2011, FAW China purchased their first ANSEROS longitudinal-directive ozone ageing simulator.


In 2012, another batch of high-speed lab dispersers from VMA Germany were reported commissioning excellently in institute of Aviation Industry Corporation of China. Meanwhile, the first Q-Sun weatherometer arrived at the lab of P&G in Beijing. 


More will be continued, HTI is looking forward to providing customers not only good products but also comprehensive materials testing solutions and satisfactory experience.